Allyn Tool Company has the ability to meet your manufacturing needs from start to finish and we will work closely with you to ensure the end product is exactly what you require.

Using the latest technology and software, we develop products that meet all necessary specifications while perform rigorous testing to ensure quality assurance. Our skilled machinist are adept in reverse engineering. By taking your existing product and disassembling, we can determine its unique properties and working mechanisms and make improvements when required. Small or large scale production, we meet any necessary complexity, match industry standards, and work closely with you at each turn.

Our CNC capabilities and expertly skilled machinists allow us to produce custom orders you need in an effective and efficient manner. Our  machines allow us to create products with precision and accuracy, making products to specification. How does it work? Depending on the product you need, we can either make a part to blueprint, or engineer a part from scratch. Having skilled engineers and machinists overseeing every step of the production process, we ensure only the highest quality end result. Running all final products through rigorous testing you can count on us to deliver you with the custom products you need that satisfy all product requirements.

Our contract manufacturing helps many companies find ease and efficiency when it comes to streamlining their production needs. Not only will outsourcing your manufacturing to us save you time, but you will save money with all steps of the process done in-house at our CT facility (meaning quicker lead times!) With our team of skilled developers, and our ability to offer mass production, you can trust us to meet all your manufacturing requirements with both professionalism and reliability. We value your business and make it a priority to offer only the best in manufacturing services as to save you both time and money.

Whether you need a product cast or reworked, we have the machinery necessary to take your rough piece and transform it into the finished product you require. We work closely with forging houses in Ct that produce high quality castings.  With our attention to detail and eye for design, we are confident in our ability to produce tools you need.

Providing expertise in electronic assembly, we only work with the best materials to ensure a precise and consistent production process. We understand your desires for a streamlined operation, and we will make sure that all components of your product are in top-grade condition. Having complete confidence in our electronic assembly team, we ensure that your product is assembled with accuracy and care.

Industrial furnaces need devices to monitor that all safety protocols are met. These safety devices should be of high-quality, rigorously tested, and assembled with 100% precision. We will provide you with only the best in development and production when producing these safety devices. To protect against operational ware and temperature monitoring, we spend time engineering products that meet those high standards. When it comes to your industrial furnace, you want complete peace of mind knowing your machinery is safe and suitable for daily operation.

Flame scanners are an important tool used to identify the presence or absence of a flame in a combustion chamber or furnace. When developing these products, we only use the latest technology and highest quality of materials so that you aren’t taking any chances identifying the intensity of flame/fire within your industrial engineering equipment. You need accurate readings to keep the safety of your equipment and protect against a boiler/machinery failure. We prioritize the testing of all our products running them through rigorous safety protocols. You will have confidence in your scanners knowing they are developed with only the highest regard for safety standards.

3D printing utilizes CAD software with direct machinery to build or print an object layer-by-layer with blueprints instructing the machine where and when to place the material. Complex objects can be produced in this manner without the need to join separate parts, a freedom allowing improvement in functionality and design with fewer errors. Any issues can easily be resolved prior to printing. A traditional method for larger quantities requires the additional steps such as carving, milling, machining. 3D printing cuts down on production time and costs when only small quantities may be needed.

If you are looking for customization when it comes to your rubber bonding and molding needs, then look no further. We have a variety of materials available to suit your bonding specifications, for metal, steel, and aluminum. After determining what substrate is needed, we will go in and complete the bonding process making sure it fits your product’s design. We specialize in producing trunnion bushings, an important part associated with the pivoting motion within your install. We can design, engineer, and manufacture these trunnion bushings to fit your specifications and ensure that all components are created to give your install the pivoting flexibility it requires.

With our extensive machinery and skilled machinist, we offer the production of oil gun components and assembly. Oil guns work by inserting oil/ grease into a single point within a machine. By applying lubricant through the aperture, you can effectively help in reducing friction between machine parts and prolong the life of machinery components. We also offer oil gun assembly, having complete confidence in our technical staff’s ability to assemble these products with precision and accuracy.

With our extensive facility and machining capabilities, we provide complete engineering and production of your injection nozzle products.. To create your product we take your spec and engineer a design to meet your needs figuring out all the technical details and making sure every measurement is precise. After creation, we make sure to run all products through extensive testing to ensure you are delivered only the best engineered product.

We provide welding solutions for all your tooling needs, fabricating products to meet your unique customization. By offering full fabrication of the entire process, we are able to take care of all the welding, machining, assembling of all materials so that you are given an end product that is fully finished.