Allyn Tool Company in partnership with Seals-it offers custom fabrication for various industry sectors and developing patents in many cases. While these examples are by no means the limits of what we can produce, we invite you to contact us about your own product.

3D Printing — Rapid Prototyping

On demand 3D manufacturing changes the way companies design, produce, plan and distribute their products. They can be competitive in their industries by continuously innovating their products; quickly filling a need without necessitating a large inventory costs and storage space. Prior to global supply chain issues, readily available parts were accessible through retail channels. Labor shortages, temporary or permanent plant closings have caused shortages or a complete lack of availability for mission critical replacement parts. 3D printing fills the gap for single or small run productions. Custom pieces can be reverse engineered to meet the needs for worn, hard to find or broken parts. Pictured above: 3D Printing /  Rapid Prototyping

CNC Machining

Depending on your product needs, our CNC machining allows us to take your blank or rough workpiece and transform it into a finished custom designed product. These machines are compatible with multiple materials, the most common are metals, plastics, and composites. Pictured group: CNC designed/engineered products

Rubber Molding

These rubber molding O-rings are used as seals to keep external contaminants (liquids or gases) out of an internal passage space. By compressing to the wall of a given area, the o-ring works as an effective seal inhibiting the flow of liquids or gases from entering an unwanted space. Rubber molding is common in many industries and includes a large range of applications and can create a product custom for your needs.

Contract MFG

With contract manufacturing, we take care of everything involved in your production process. We work with a variety of companies in many industries to produce custom parts on a large scale and manage the project to ensure that all your specifications are met. We ensure an efficient timeline which is financially beneficial. 

Trunnion Bushing

Trunnion bushings, an important part we specialize in, is associated with the pivoting motion within your install. These products provide maximum load-bearing capacity with the right material to increase lubrication efficiency.


These devices control the precision of fluid flow (exiting or entering) an enclosed chamber. Each nozzle has to be precise and accurate depending on the velocity of fluid flow required within the chamber. Pictured above: Engineered & produced in-house

Valve Assembly

Valve assembly combines various parts, sizes, shapes and elements into one finished valve product. The complete installation and production involved with the entire assembly process is done within our facility.  Pictured above: Engineered & produced in-house


Scanners are used in many applications and depend on the type of flame, fuel, burner size and viewing capacity. Pictured above: Custom engineered & produced in-house